In the ever evolving landscape of business, data literacy is not merely a nice to have skill but an indispensable necessity across many roles, enabling professionals to make informed decisions, unlock the value of data and drive innovation.

ODI defines ‘Data literacy’ as the ability to think critically about data in different contexts and examine the impact of different approaches when collecting, using and sharing data and information.

Our B2B services equip individuals and businesses with the critical data literacy skills required to thrive in a modern marketplace.

Our services:
  • Data Literacy Assessment and Strategy Development
  • Content Licensing
  • Bespoke Content Development
  • Co-bid for funding
  • Onboard us as a learning solutions supplier
Data Literacy Assessment and Strategy Development

Empower your organisation with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today's data-driven world. Partner with us to conduct comprehensive assessments of data literacy competency within your organisation or team.

Through tailored evaluations and analysis, we'll identify strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities to enhance data literacy capabilities. Together, we'll co-develop a holistic data literacy strategy customised to your unique needs and objectives. From defining learning objectives to designing training programs and embedding best practices, our collaborative approach ensures alignment with your organisational goals and empowers your workforce to unlock the full potential of data.

Content Licensing
Integrate our comprehensive content seamlessly into your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or utilise ODI’s own learning platform. Our flexible licensing solutions are tailored to fit your organisational structure, size and learning objectives, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation process.
Bespoke Content Development
Collaborate with our team of experts to co-develop customised learning materials aligned with your specific goals and objectives. Whether you're looking to enhance internal training programmes or augment existing data literacy initiatives, our tailored solutions ensure optimal alignment with your organisational needs.
Co-bid for funding
Looking to secure funding for your educational initiatives? Partner with us to co-bid for grant opportunities and unlock access to additional resources for your projects. By combining our expertise and resources, we can strengthen grant applications, increasing the likelihood of success and maximising the impact of our joint endeavours. Together, we can leverage our shared vision and capabilities to secure vital funding and drive positive change in education and beyond
Business-to-Business-to-Business: Onboard us as a learning solutions supplier

Onboard us as a learning solutions supplier to unlock opportunities to make data work for everyone!

Partner with us as an educational supplier: Ensure quality of the services you provide your clients by incorporating our educational training solutions into your supplier portfolio. Broadening Impact: Utilise the extensive expertise and network of the Open Data Institute to extend our reach into new communities and sectors, amplifying our mission of fostering data literacy and accessibility.

To ensure inclusivity, we offer discounted pricing for customers from lower or middle-income countries.
Please contact us for further information.

If you represent a business interested in purchasing four or more course spaces, please reach out to us for personalised discounted rates.

Contact our Data Skills Experts to discuss how we can improve your organisations data literacy.

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