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Publishing open linked data

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Delivery: Online
Study Hours: 4 x 3.5 hrs
Group size: up to 18 (closed)
Group Price: from £10,850 per group

Key learning outcomes

Understanding the transformative power of open and linked data.
By completing this course, participants will:

  • Comprehend the core principles and benefits of open and linked data.
  • Navigate the world of linked data formats and standards with ease.
  • Use the CSVw standard to transform tabular datasets into linked data.
  • Annotate datasets with existing linked data vocabularies.
  • Craft new vocabularies to enhance the linked data community.
  • Document, publish, and advocate for the use of open linked datasets.
  • Promote data interoperability, accessibility, and reusability.
  • Collaborate with the community to push the boundaries of open linked data practices.
Strategic Data Skills self paced example screen
Strategic Data Skills self paced example screen
Strategic Data Skills self paced example screen

Inspired by data pioneers, built for you

At a time when businesses are trying to get value from AI and data it’s more important than ever to understand the landscape, filter out the noise and set a clear direction.

The Open Data Institute is a world-leading research and training institution founded by the creator of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and AI pioneer Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt. Our research, training and practical work helps people, companies and governments build data infrastructure that benefits all.

More than 52,000 people worldwide have developed their data literacy using the ODI’s self-guided training.

Created by a team of data specialists and learning designers, our courses will help you and your  organisation make better decisions with data.

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What you will learn

Session 1: Publishing open data

  • Explore the essence and importance of open data.
  • Overcome barriers and fears associated with open data publication.
  • Learn about the 5-star guideline for open data publication and the role of licenses.
  • Tackle data aggregation challenges.
  • Guidance on publishing a 3-star open dataset.

Session 2: Introducing linked data

  • Master the principles of linked open data and the five stars of linked open data.
  • Transform data from tabular to graph formats.
  • Utilise web-based identifiers and markup data with vocabularies like dublin core.
  • Discover the role of publication platforms in sharing linked data.

Session 3: Creating linked data

  • Apply CSVw standard to convert tabular data into linked data.
  • Develop structural and descriptive metadata for linked data.
  • Generate URIs and enhance data modeling through virtual columns.
  • Explore published data via content negotiation on data publication platforms.

Session 4: Creating vocabularies

  • Create new vocabularies for unique data representation needs.
  • Engage with communities for vocabulary adoption and standardisation.
  • Document and publish vocabularies, considering ethical impacts and data sharing implications.

The ODI Learning experience

Value for you - value for your business

Completing this course showcases your capability to leverage open data through linked data technology, fostering innovation, transparency, and societal impact. Ideal for newcomers or those aiming to broaden their open data proficiency, this course unlocks new data publication horizons.

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