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The importance of data and data quality

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Delivery: Online or face-to-face
Study Hours: half day
Group size: 10-18 (closed)
Price: from £2,186.80

Advance trust and insight through data

Gain a comprehensive understanding of data's essentials, its value, and the power of sharing data effectively. This workshop is designed to:

  • Unpack the complex nature of data.
  • Identify opportunities and navigate risks in data management.
  • Advance trust in data through effective data sharing and unlocking its value.
Strategic Data Skills self paced example screen
Strategic Data Skills self paced example screen
Strategic Data Skills self paced example screen

Inspired by data pioneers, built for you

At a time when businesses are trying to get value from AI and data it’s more important than ever to understand the landscape, filter out the noise and set a clear direction.

The Open Data Institute is a world-leading research and training institution founded by the creator of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and AI pioneer Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt. Our research, training and practical work helps people, companies and governments build data infrastructure that benefits all.

More than 52,000 people worldwide have developed their data literacy using the ODI’s self-guided training.

Created by a team of data specialists and learning designers, the Importance of data and data quality workshop will help you and your organisation make better decisions with data.

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What you will learn

The basics of data

  • What is data?
  • Why data exists on a spectrum (closed, shared, open - the data spectrum)
  • Benefits of data sharing including examples
  • Techniques to overcome data sharing barriers (incl licensing and governance)
  • Typical barriers to data sharing, assumptions, myths

The value of data

  • How to build healthy data ecosystems to support unlocking the full value from data
  • How open and shared data infrastructures can improve decision making
  • How to make better decisions with data
  • How data has changed the way we tell stories

Building trust with data

  • Data stewardship, best practices, governance
  • What needs to change with culture to enable data value to be unlocked
  • Theory of change - data culture change

By the end of this workshop session you will be able to answer the questions “What are some of the opportunities and risks that affect the collection, use and sharing of data and how can we advance trust in data?”

The ODI Learning experience

Value for you - value for your business

Successful completion of this workshop session will demonstrate your ability to help any organisation:

  • Understand the multifaceted nature of data.
  • Make better decisions with data.
  • Recognise the opportunities and risks in data collection, use, and sharing.
  • Demonstrate to clients and stakeholders their ability to work effectively with data.
  • Advance trust in data through effective data sharing and unlocking its value.

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