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Frequently asked questions


Below you will find answers to some of the questions we get asked the most, if you require further support with your query please contact  or if possible your tutor.

The zoom link for my course is not working, who do I contact?

 or if possible the tutor.

What is 2 factor authentication and do I need to enable it?
2FA adds another layer of protection for us and for you. It is not mandatory for students to enable it but it is recommended. 
It will involve using an authenticator app or inputting your phone number to receive a code, should you forget your password or log in from a new device.
I have not received and paid my invoice, will I still have access to my course?

Yes, the invoices are processed by the finance team and sometimes are not sent out immediately. Flag to  and we can chase for you.

I have not received any onboarding information for Data Ethics Professionals.

These emails occasionally go into junk folders. If you cannot see anything, email  or phone xxxxxxxx

How do I get my certificate?

If this is a course with certification, you will be notified when the certificates have been issued. This normally happens after everyone has completed the course so there may be some delay to account for extensions.

I would like my Data Ethics Professional certification but I don't want my photo on the website.
That's OK, we occasionally have this request and will respect your decision. We are happy to still upload a profile.
I’m behind on my assignment, can I get an extension?
Extensions are granted at the discretion of the tutor. Please contact your course tutor as soon as possible to discuss it.
Are the webinars recorded?

Yes, all webinars are recorded in case a student can't attend in person. The breakout room sessions are not included in the recordings.

I submitted my assignment but it’s not showing.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and make sure you’ve clicked the big ‘Submit’ button, it’s not always visible/obvious after you have attached your file.

This file is too big to work with, help!

Please message your tutor as soon as possible for advice on how to rectify this.

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