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SP cource icons_stategic data skills SP-1 Self-paced
Strategic Data Skills (self-paced)

A comprehensive course designed for individuals seeking to work strategically with data without delving into complex programming concepts.

SP cource icons_AI and Data ethics SP-1 Self-paced
Understanding Data Ethics & AI

Knowledge and tools to understand the realm of data ethics and apply them effectively in professional settings. Examine data ethics within your professional practice.

SP cource icons_data governance SP-1 Self-paced
Introduction to Data Governance

For strategic or leadership roles responsible for directing data management. Gain the knowledge and decision-making capabilities to guide data-related processes effectively.

ODI-open-data-graphic-640x453-1-640x453 Short Course
Open Data in a Day

Learn how to discover, use and describe the benefits of open data, and how it impacts your organisation on this live, instructor-led, online and interactive course.

ODI-open-data-graphic-640x453-27-640x453-1 Short Course
Introduction to Data Ethics

This two-hour online course gives an introduction to the concept of data ethics, how it is addressed in other domains, and how data ethics can be applied to help ...

ODI-anonymisation-graphic-640x453 Short Course
Anonymisation is for Everyone

This course will introduce the latest thinking on anonymisation and work through a practical exercise in anonymising data while maintaining utility and minimising risk.

ODI-machine-learning-graphic-640x453 Short Course
Applying Machine Learning & AI Techniques to Data

On this course you will learn to apply machine learning and AI techniques to data and discover how ethical frameworks can help avoid teaching machines bad habits. ...

ODI-strategic-data-graphic-640x453 Learning Programme
Strategic Data Skills

This course will equip you with the theoretical knowledge, practical skills and technical know-how to make better decisions using data. It’s a comprehensive course for people who want to work strategically ...

ODI-finding-stories-graphic-640x453 Learning Programme
Building Healthy Data Ecosystems

Our experts help you address common fears and misconceptions that can stop data getting to those who need it. 

course_thumbnails_DEP Certified Programme
Data Ethics Professional

This course aims to certify those who can demonstrate the knowledge, skills and ability, to apply tools and help others make better use of data, whilst minimising harmful impacts...

ODI-train-trainer-graphic-640x453 Certified Programme
Train the Trainer

Our Train the Trainer programme aims to enable you to become an ODI Registered Trainer. Ideal for those who are beginning to teach others about open data or those who have been doing it for sometime...

ODI-machine-learning-graphic-640x453 FREE Course
Open Data Essentials [FREE]

This programme has been designed to enable you to discover what open data is and how it is changing the lives of everyone on our planet.
Beginner Level.

ODI-finding-stories-graphic-640x453 Free Course
Finding Stories in Data [FREE]

When effectively analysed and presented in a clear and compelling way, data has the potential to create impact. ..
Intermediate Level.

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Gráinne O'Neil
Head of Learning
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Dr David Tarrant
Academic Lead
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Tom Pieroni
Learning Manager
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Lucy Knight
Data Trainer
Jack Schofield
Learning Developer
Siobhan Donegan
Learning Coordinator
Lou Lynch
Multimedia Designer

Would you like to develop data skills across your whole team or organisation?

Our courses can be run for groups of up to 14 people. And, we can tailor our content to your context and needs. We can work with you to identify the data skills required across your business, creating training that meets your organisation’s needs. Our training approaches include: E-learning, Interactive and virtual workshops, Games and Blended learning programmes.

Contact our Data Skills Experts to discuss how we can improve your organisations data literacy.