Data Ethics Professional

Become an ODI certified Data Ethics Professional

Our Data Ethics Professionals programme is open to anyone who works with data or has a keen interest in it. Learn the knowledge, skills, and ability to apply tools to help others make better use of data, while minimising harmful impacts. At the end of the course you’ll be a certified Data Ethics Professional.

Successful participants will be:

  • Recognised as competent in the area of data ethics and the practical steps required to help organisations minimise potential harms that come from data collection, use and sharing.
  • Able to think critically about data ethics.
  • Ready to apply tools and techniques to analyse the current situation within organisations.
  • Equipped to suggest potential actions to minimise risk – be it through process adoption as guided by tools such as the data ethics canvas, or changes to the way the data itself is collected, used, or shared.

With only four start dates in 2023 and only 24 places per start date, we are asking potential participants to complete a short application form. The application process is to verify the course is right for you. Our tutors review each application before confirming acceptance on the programme.

Delivery : Blended
Study Hours : 60h
Duration : 10 weeks
Price : £1,799 + VAT

Upcoming Dates

March 2023

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May 2023

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September 2023

6th September 2023   £1,799 + VAT

November 2023

22nd November 2023   £1,799 + VAT

What you'll learn

A deep understanding of data ethics as a domain

Practical expertise in data and techniques to evaluate ethical and legal risks

Ability to perform a professional piece of research, drawing on historical and peer-reviewed literature.

Ability to identify and use a number of tools to help evaluate ethical impacts, and suggest actions to minimise harmful impacts from data.

More about the course

Who is this course for?

This course is ideally suited for professionals involved in ensuring that organisations are responsible with data practices. This includes consultants, managers and specialists working with teams who manage or use data to inform business strategy as well as day to day decision making. 

Why become a ODI Data Ethics Professional?

An ODI Data Ethics Professional is recognised by the ODI as competent in the area of data ethics, and the practical steps required to help organisations minimise potential harms that come from data collection, use, and sharing.

As a certified professional you will:
  • Be listed on the ODI website as a certified professional
  • Be part of a network of professionals, and invited to regular peer learning events.
  • Be able to use your certification to create, market and sell services that are aimed at improving data ethics practices in projects and organisations.
  • Get access to exclusive content and tools via the ODI Learning Experience Platform
Course prerequisites
There are no specific prerequisites for this course. Participants should be open minded and willing to learn through their own self-directed research. A good level of general literacy and numeracy will offer the best chances of success from the course.
Learning experience

The course includes:

  • Up to four instructor led training sessions, designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to pass the assessments.
  • eLearning that addresses personal data and data licensing.
  • An assessment to recognise those who can actively demonstrate the key data ethics skills in a professional context.
  • An optional additional assessment for those wishing to add the Data Ethics Facilitator specialism to their Data Ethics Professional certification.
Assessment criteria

The assessment framework forms the fundamental basis for how we assess if people have passed the course. To become a Data Ethics Professional, a minimum of a pass mark must be achieved in all four areas.

The Data Ethics Professionals certificate recognises those who can actively demonstrate these skills in a professional environment. People who are not only aware of data ethics challenges, but also the practical steps needed to address them, using tools such as the ODI Data Ethics Canvas, combined with a deep understanding of how to identify and mitigate challenges related to data collection, use, and sharing.

Assessment components

There are two components to the assessment which form part of the programme.

1 – Written case study

The written case study is the main piece of assessment and requires participants to demonstrate their knowledge and skills as a data ethics professional. The case study must be a piece of original research, written by the participant. Case studies should be no longer than 2500 words (excluding references and appendices).

Case studies can be written in two ways:

  1. A research paper examining an existing or third party case study. In such studies we would expect to see extensive use of references to professional peer-reviewed works and an evaluation of the case study against the principles taught in the course in order to create a number of recommendations.
  2. An original piece of work applying the teachings of the course to the participants’ own area. This type of case study may require fewer references as the participant is directly investigating the practical data ethics questions on data/processes/technologies to which they have access.

Time requirement: 30 hours

2 – Case study discussion

In order to help develop case studies, participants are required to engage in a discussion around their case study with others on the course.

Time requirement: 5 hours (1-2 hour preparation, 3.5 hours group session)

Maintaining your certification

To keep your certification, you must

  • maintain your ODI membership
  • earn 120 or more approved credits over a 2-year period.

How to earn credits:

Activity Credits Limit per 2-year period
Publication of a peer reviewed book, article or other publication focussing on data ethics 120 2
Completed a distinct piece of data ethics consulting using the ODI Data Ethics canvas 60 2
Teaching, lecturing or presenting data ethics in a higher education setting 60 2
Hold an executive or leadership role embedding data ethics practices in an organisation 60 2
Published a blog/case study focuses on data ethics issues and solutions 30 2

Please note: the activities list is subject to change. Additional activities may also be added. Any changes will be communicated to you by your course tutor.

Course Cost

The course cost is £1,799 + VAT, with 1-year individual membership of the ODI included. If you’re already an ODI member don’t worry – you’ll receive your next year of membership free.

Get a discount

If you have previously paid and attended the following courses:

  • Introduction to data ethics and the Data Ethics Canvas: £100 discounted from the course price.
  • Applying Machine Learning and AI Techniques to Data: £200 discounted from the course price.

Payment methods:

Payment is made via Eventbrite and can be made through PayPal or via Invoice.


Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to help use data ethics within organisations.

It’s suitable for anyone who enjoys being a critical thinker, and doesn’t mind exploring diverse topics including:

  • Data rights and data protection legislation
  • Evaluating the limitations in data and how it is processed
  • Exploring second and third order ethical impacts
  • Facilitating balanced discussions in data ethics

How many places/people are on each course? 

This instance of the course consists of two cohorts, made up of 12 participants per cohort.

IS there a limit to the number of people from my company that can attend?

Yes, there is a maximum of 3 places per organisation. If you are interested in booking more than 3 places for your organisation, please contact

What are the practical course requirements?

Just an internet-enabled laptop or PC, that can access Zoom calls for the teacher lead aspects of the course. That’s all.

Can you tell me more about ODI Courses?

Co-founded by the inventor of the web, Tim Berners-Lee, the ODI offers courses that are friendly, supportive and fun. No question is a silly question in our classrooms, and our expert teachers will arm you with all the practical skills you need for applying what you’ve learnt to the real world. The majority of the course content is made available to reuse under an open licence.

About this course

This course was created by and is © The Open Data Institute.

The important legal bit
  1. Individuals certified as ODI Data Ethics Professionals can use their certification to help promote their expertise in support of creating, marketing and selling services aimed at improving data ethics practices in projects and organisations.
  2. ODI certification of an individual as a Data Ethics Professional must not be used to suggest the ODI recognises or endorses an organisation, product or services ethical practices. The course equips you to adopt practices that embed ethical thinking around collection, use and sharing of data, not to meet a particular ethical standard.
  3. Certified individuals must agree to be listed on our network pages along with a picture that clearly identifies them. This enables those engaging an ODI Data Ethics Professional to check their identity and certification status. Certified individuals will receive one year of free individual membership to the ODI.
  4. Good practices change over time, so to maintain certification, individuals must remain members of the ODI (either as an individual or via organisational membership) and earn 120 or more approved credits over a 2-year period. 
  5. The ODI reserves the right to revoke certification of any individual at any time if individuals or associated organisations are found to be in breach of these conditions.
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Course instructors

The Data Skills Framework

The ODI Skills Framework provides a balanced view of the skills an organisation needs in order to build an open, trustworthy data ecosystem, and manage harmful impacts.

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