Strategic Data Skills

Delivery: Online (self-paced)
Study Hours: approx 15 hrs
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Why develop Strategic Data Skills?

The value of data is rising and organisations are seeking to realise that value.

They are undertaking vast projects to understand their data landscape, filter out the noise, visualise the insights and tell their story. Across every step, organisations are recognising the importance of being data literate.

But what does it mean to be data literate? What are the data skills required to attain data literacy?

Oftentimes, being data literate is conflated with being technical and that raises the question of how you develop the abilities to use data without the need to learn complex engineering practices.

Our self-paced Strategic Data Skills course equips you with the theoretical knowledge, practical skills and the technical know-how to make better decisions using data. It’s for people who want to work strategically with data - using data within their role to inform decisions from strategic objectives to the day to day operations of an organisation.

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More about the course

Who is this course for?
This course is for anyone working in organisations, who wants to make better decisions with data, or who is leading, or commissioning, data analysis and data-informed decision-making work.
How this course will benefit you/your company

Successfully complete Strategic Data Skills to demonstrate your ability to help any organization generate actionable, strategic insights from data.

Attend the course if you want:

  • A boost to your career – whether you want to demonstrate to potential employers your ability to work with data, or showcase your new skills to peers and managers, the course certificate from the ODI provides evidence of your skills.
  • Data to inform your work – the course shows you how to make better decisions with data.
  • To avoid harmful impacts – discover how to balance the need to create an impact, with the need for ethical approach whilst working with data.
  • To embrace open innovation – get hands-on experience of how you can use open and shared approaches to working with data to create exciting new products and services.

How this course will benefit your company

After attending Strategic Data Skills participants have the ability to help any organisation:

  • Make better decisions with data,
  • Demonstrate to clients and stakeholders its ability to work effectively with data,
  • Identify how open and shared data infrastructures can improve decision making,
  • Apply strategic thinking to new data projects,
  • Adopt open and shared approaches that make it easier to create and build impactful products and services,
  • Avoid reputational risks by considering data ethics as part of a project.
Course prerequisites

No previous experience of data is required. Good computer skills are essential and you should be happy working in spreadsheet tools. You will need access to a computer with spreadsheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel installed. Being able to install additional software on your computer is highly recommended.

On the course we demonstrate the use of OpenRefine* for increasing the quality of data and use Tableau* to demonstrate an alternative to Excel/PowerBI for analysis. Use of certain tools is not mandatory and it will not reduce your ability to complete activities. However, these tools do support you in completing the activities in an efficient and effective way and therefore we recommend that a suite of tools be accessible to you.

*OpenRefine is a powerful desktop app used for re-organising and cleaning data. It is Open Source and creates a web server on your local machine. It is available from

*Tableau is a professional licensed tool. However, there is a web based platform that is free to use available via Tableau Public:

Learning experience & course syllabus

Learning Experience

The ODIs self-paced courses allow learners to interact with data content via advanced interactive learning components. Our courses are not designed for learners to simply read. They are designed for active learning and prioritise the application of learning through authentic action.

Our courses integrate a Tutor’s AI assistant that is able to offer specific real-time tailored feedback to learners based upon their answers and solutions to activities. This is powered by ChatGPT and embedded into Adapt Learning. All activities utilising the Tutor’s AI assistant are fed model answers and solutions to the problem set. This is used to review the learners input and provide feedback in an effective and efficient manner that is personalised directly to the learner.

Complete the course and you will be eligible for your Certificate of Achievement from the Open Data Institute

Course Syllabus

View the Strategic Data Skills Course Syllabus


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How do I access my self-paced course on Moodle?

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Can I study at my own pace in self-paced courses on Moodle?

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Are there any specific requirements for taking self-paced courses on Moodle?

You need a computer or mobile device with internet access and a compatible web browser to access the Moodle platform.

Can I start a self-paced course anytime, or are there specific start dates?

Self-paced courses allow learners to start anytime they wish.

How long do I have access to a self-paced course on Moodle?

ODI Learning will grant online access to the course for up to 6 months from the learners date of enrolment, allowing you to revisit the materials whenever you need them. If you require access for longer please contact us at:

How do I submit assignments or assessments in self-paced courses on Moodle?

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Are there any additional resources or external tools available for self-paced courses on Moodle?

Additional resources or external tools to support your learning are referenced throughout the course.

Can I retake formative and summative activities?

Absolutely, we encourage learners to reattempt activities as many times as they wish to reinforce learning.

How can I provide feedback or suggestions for improvement in self-paced courses on Moodle?

You can typically provide feedback through the Moodle platform via survey questions we have integrated into your course. Sharing your thoughts can contribute to the enhancement of future course offerings, and we encourage feedback. Should you wish to offer feedback outside this process, please email us at

I am visually impaired, how can I adjust the course interface for better accessibility?

You can find accessibility options by clicking on your user icon at the top right corner of the screen and selecting 'Accessibility.' Here, you can customize settings like font color, spacing, and size.

What you'll learn

Identify how open and shared data infrastructures can improve decision making
Apply strategic thinking to new data projects
Open and shared approaches that make it easier to create and build impactful products and services
Make better decisions with data

Learning Pathway: Data Skills without Programming

ODI learning pathways_SDS

Potential Learning Journey

Strategic Data Skills

Choose between tutored or self-paced learning formats. A comprehensive course designed for individuals seeking to work strategically with data without delving into complex programming concepts.

After completing Strategic Data Skills, consider advancing to:  

Introduction to Data Ethics and Data Ethics Canvas or Understanding Data Ethics and AI (coming soon). These learning opportunities will provide a well-rounded understanding of data ethics, complementing your strategic data skills.

Alternatively, if you hold a more technical or hands-on data-focused role, you can progress towards:
Best Practices for Data on the Web course (coming soon).

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